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Australian Banknotes – Your marketing partner

Thank you for your interest in advertising at this unique website.

We are able to deliver you direct marketing to a variety of geographic and demographic targets throughout Australia.

These packages place your logo [or advertisement] at visitor eye level on any page of this website. The advertisement should link directly to your website.


Although these positions are all highly visible on our pages, you are not obliged to have your advertisement there. You may choose to locate it alongside the valuation for a specific note, or at a location that you feel will be most beneficial for you. Different clients have different needs and varying budgets, and we are able to accommodate them all.

Ad placement Cost
400 x 130 – top of every page header $30 per month
300 x 300 – side of every page $30 per month
Individual Page In Content Marketing [600 x 150] $10 per month
Need something different
If you need an ad that’s 300×600 or 300×900 or have any other questions (discount rates for multiple page ads) then please contact us at the link below.
updated; 29/11/2018