Full stops on the $50

My many thanks to D.A.Wood for bringing this anomaly to our attention. Dennis is the main source for all the information at this website for PIL’s and First and Last issues banknotes. It seems we now have another discovery.

It concerns the full stop being printed in the design of the $50 note.
The full stop appears at the end of the title

It seems that $50 notes from r505 to r509b did NOT have a full stop after AUSTRALIA

The anomaly seems to start with the $50 notes having Phillips/Fraser signatures. There are examples of both the r511 Phillips/Fraser and r512 Fraser/Higgins banknotes that were issued with and without full stops after AUSTRALIA .

I contacted Mick Vort-Ronald regarding this matter and he replied that it was interesting, but very minor, worth a mention, but hardly enough reason to try and collect the differences, and certainly not enough to crate a new variety. It seems that someone forgot to cross the eyes and dot the tees.

As this is a new discovery research time has been very limited.
It seems to only occur in two signature series of $50 notes.
Have not found this anomaly [yet] in any other decimal paper notes of $1 – $20.
We have not [yet] found any $50 serial prefixes that are both with and without a full stop.