Storage & care

Storing and caring for your Australian Banknotes Introduction If you are new to banknote collecting, then at some point storing banknotes will be your number one focus and you will have to work out the best way to protect and store your banknote collection. A lot of money may be outlayed for banknotes and it is essential to maintain the quality of the notes. I receive many emails regarding the care and storage of banknotes. The most frequently asked question is what I use for my notes. In answer to these requests I have given a guide below – and listed what I use.

Album I use the Vario Lighthouse 4 ring albums for storage. They are available in 2 sizes. The “F” model has 4 O-Rings and stores 20 – 30 pages. The “G” model has 4 D-Rings and stores 45 ̵ 55 pages. They also come with the extra protection of a slipcase.


Album Pages To keep your banknotes in the best condition you should use Mylar pages. I use Vario 3C pages for banknotes up to 190 x 80 mm for storage. These are individual Mylar pages and are usually sold in packs. There are two different types of plastic holders – PVC and Mylar. Deciding which to use is VERY IMPORTANT as choosing the wrong kind of plastic may actually destroy your notes and not protect them. Mylar ls completely inert and does not react with anything. It is suitable for archival quality storage of banknotes as it protects the notes from the conditions of the atmosphere that would cause banknote paper to deteriorate over time. PVC is a death sentence for your notes. Also, be very careful not to damage banknotes when inserting or removing them from holders.


Interleaves I use Vario ZWL Interleaves for the visual separation. They also increase protection between pages.


Other information Notes should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from excessive heat and humidity. A purchase of a long consecutive run [15 or more] banknotes may not fit into a page holder without damage. You can keep these small runs of banknotes notes in regular paper envelopes, although they’re more liable to be damaged in handling. I use this method and then store the envelopes in an old plastic VCR case.


updated; 11/05/2019