$50 Polymer Banknote

David Unaipon
David Unaipon was born on 28 September 1872 at the Point McLeay Mission, South Australia. By 1909 Unaipon had developed and patented a modified handpiece for shearing. From the early 1920s Unaipon studied Aboriginal mythology and compiled his versions of legends – he was influenced by the classics and by his researches into Egyptology at the South Australian Museum.He died at Tailem Bend Hospital on the 7th of February 1967 and was buried in Point McLeay cemetery.

Dame Edith Cowan
Dame Edith Cowan was born in West Melbourne on the 2nd of August 1861 at Glengarry near Geraldton in Western Australia. The first woman to be elected to an Australian parliament in Western Australia in 1921, she was described as a committed, tireless and public campaigner for women’s and children’s rights from the early twentieth century.Edith Cowan died in Perth on the 9th of June 1932.
updated: 15/12/2018