Australian Two Dollar Banknotes

John Macarthur
John Macarthur is regarded as being a man of influence in bringing the wool industry to Australia. In 1796, John Macarthur bought his first merino sheep from a flock of Spanish merino sheep reared in South Africa. In subsequent years they bought merinos from flocks in various locations which meant that the bloodline of the flock – and therefore the health of their sheep and the quality of their wool – was strengthened and improved over time. In 1807, the Macarthurs sent their first bale of wool to England.
William Farrer
William Farrer was born on the 3rd of April 1845 at Docker, Westmorland, England. was involved in developing breeds of wheat to withstand disease (especially rust) and harsh Australian conditions as well as to produce high yields. His most notable achievement was the breeding and establishment of “Federation” wheat. His achievement extended wheat-growing areas, especially in New South Wales, and resulted in Australia’s becoming a world leader in wheat exports.
updated; 03/12/2018