A10 – Mc GF4 # 1997 $5 Australia Commemorative NPA Folder

Macfarlane/Evans Five Dollar Banknote 1997

1997 $5 Australia Commemorative NPA Folder – HK97

Obverse Queen Elizabeth II with Gum Branch
Reverse Old and New Parliament House, Capital Hill, Canberra
Signatories {Ian} I. Macfarlane, Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia
{Ted} E.A. Evans, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 130.00mm [width], 65.00mm [height]
Composition Polymer
Watermark The introduction of polymer banknotes saw the end of the customary Watermark. It was replaced with a Variable Optical Security Device in the bottom corner. The clear window [Optical Security Device] contains a stylised gum [eucalyptus] flower.
Serial Numbers Two letter & Two number Prefix
HK 97 979797 t0 HK 97 998 (red serial number)


1997 $5 Australia Commemorative NPA Folder – HK97

Here is lovely NPA folder which was specially released to commemorate the historic handover of British Hong Kong to mainland China in 1997.

It features a mint UNC Macfarlane and Evans 1997 five dollars polymer banknote with a special red serial number in a great presentation folder.

Being 20 years old these are getting very scarce now. The original mintage was only 5,000 folders. The guides I see updated to 8000 folders but I’ve seen  HK 97 979530  HK 97 998394 a gap of 18864 so???

I see as an additional bonus you can if your lucky enough the 5 digit radar within the serial number of ‘HK 97 979797’ Repeater ‘HK 97 979979’ etc.

This note represents the very first time that an Australian banknote was released to commemorate a foreign event. All in all it makes for a great investment for the discerning investor and a wonderful addition to any portfolio.

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Auction Prices
2015 15*
2016 [34]37 55
2017 [38]42 [50]55
2018 [42]54
2019 59

* removed from circulation


updated: 08/05/2019