$5 Paper Banknote

Australian Five Dollar Banknotes

Sir Joseph Banks
Sir Joseph Banks was born on the 13th of February 1743 at Westminster, England. After the settlement was established at Sydney Cove, he encouraged further investigation of the natural history of the area and became the acknowledged authority on matters relating to New South Wales. His impact on the study of natural history in both Britain and Australia cannot be overestimated. Banks organised Matthew Flinders’ voyage on the Investigator (1801-1803) which helped define the map of Australia. Because of his keen interest in the colony Banks has been called ‘the Father of Australia’.
Caroline Chisholm
Caroline Chisholm was born on the 30th of May 1808 near Northampton, England. When she arrived in Sydney in 1838, Caroline was shocked to find the situation of immigrant girls. Most had come to Australia seeking a better life but found themselves with no job, no food and living in shocking conditions. She took some of them into her house and set about establishing the Female Immigrant Home. She became known as ‘the emigrant’s friend’. She earned this title for her work with poor migrants to Australia last century.
updated: 20/12/2018