$20 Polymer Notes

Mary Reibey
Mary Reibey was born on the 12th of May 1777 in Bury, Lancashire, England. She was convicted of horse stealing at Stafford on 21 July 1790 and sentenced to be transported for seven years. When arrested she was dressed as a boy and went under the name of James Burrow, but at her trial her identity was disclosed. The episode resulted in her conviction as a felon at the age of 13 and transportation to New South Wales. She arrived in Sydney in the Royal Admiral in October 1792. Mary Reibey, persevering and enterprising in everything she undertook, became legendary in the colony as the successful businesswoman. She took an interest in the church, education and works of charity.She died at Newtown on the 30th of May 1855

Reverend John Flynn
Reverend John Flynn was born on the 25th of November 1880 at Moliagul, Victoria. Despite many setbacks and considerable opposition, Flynn’s vision became a reality. On 17 May 1928, Dr K St Vincent Welch with pilot Arthur Affleck at the controls of Victory, a De Havilland 50 aircraft leased from QANTAS, flew from Cloncurry to Julia Creek to answer the first call received by the AIM Aerial Medical Service. When in 1929, the first pedal wireless built by Alfred Traeger was installed in Queensland, Flynn’s quest for the more adequate protection of isolated communities was fulfilled. The name was changed in 1942 to Flying Doctor Service of Australia, and the designation ‘Royal’ was added in 1955.He died of cancer in Sydney on the 5th of May 1951.


updated: 18/02/2019